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Name: Jo
Age: 19
Location: Florence, Al
Height: 5’4
Religion: Non-denominational
Tattoos, piercings, or distinguishing marks: just ears

Sexual preference: Whoever I’m in love with. I love personality, not genitalia
Fetishes: Someone saying Yoshi the way Yoshi says Yoshi…Does that makes sense?
Beauty or Brains? : I’d love to say brains, but I’m obsessed with the beauty of my breasts

Favorite book: White Oleander – Janet Fitch
Favorite movie: Princess Bride
Favorite song: Joydrop – Beautiful like me
Favorite quote or lyric: “Those who mind never matter and those who matter never mind”
Favorite inanimate object:my cell phone. I can't live without text messages in my life.
Favorite Cartoon Character: Stewie from family guy. It's almost the only reason I watch the show anymore.

Who is the most beautiful person you've ever seen, living or dead? Marilyn Monroe
Tell us something odd about yourself : I like PB & J sammiches with doritos
What do you like about yourself?: My eyes. I think I have exotic eyes
How are you Unperfect? emotionally, I love to easily and get hurt frequently. Physically I have overly large feet. Size 10 1/2 womens.
If you had a choice between being completely alone in the world, but having an endless supply of money or being pennyless but being surronded by love, which would you choose? Love. I've had both situations and I'm happier with love.
Why do you want to be in this community? Well, I helped create it some, so it would be reeeaaalllly snobish of me to leave now

Post at least THREE pics. At least ONE must be NON-Photoshopped.

(last one not photoshoped)
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