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I require vodka, sir.

Mod Application - No vote required

Name: Kelli Su
Age: 22
Location: Killen, Alabama
Height: 5'1
Religion: No, thank you.
Tattoos, piercings, or distinguishing marks: labret and nostril ring

Sexual preference: I don't discriminate. ;)
Fetishes: light biting and bondage, girl on girl (does it every time)
Beauty or Brains? : I want to say brains, but here I am creating a rating community. :) I like a healthy balance.

Favorite book: She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb
Favorite movie: 5th Element
Favorite song: changes by the day.. right now Sunshine by Todd Snyder
Favorite quote or lyric: i smoke and i drink / and every time i blink / i have a tiny dream
but as bad as i am / i'm proud of the fact / that i'm worse than i seem
Favorite inanimate object: My computer, by far.
Favorite Cartoon Character: Probably Pikachu.. Yeaaaaah, that dreaded pokemon.

Who is the most beautiful person you've ever seen, living or dead? Everyone always gets on my case about it, but Pamela Anderson.
Tell us something odd about yourself : I like the smell of gasoline.
What do you like about yourself? I'm pretty happy with my mouth.
How are you Unperfect? Emotionally, I'm unstable in a less than fun way.. and physically.. I hate my nose..
If you had a choice between being completely alone in the world, but having an endless supply of money or being pennyless but being surronded by love, which would you choose? Love by far.
Why do you want to be in this community? Because it would odd for me to own a community I'm not a part of, no? ;)

Post at least THREE pics. At least ONE must be NON-Photoshopped.

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