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Im new. Lala. Vote.

Name: Angie
Location: PEI, Canada
Height: 5'2? I dunno, but Im short.
Religion: Penticostal/Christian
Tattoos, piercings, or distinguishing marks: Nope, I dont even have my ears done

Sexual preference: I prefer males.
Fetishes: Arms and Hands really turn me on, not really a fetish, just an obsession
Beauty or Brains? : Brains, cause skin sags,hair falls out, and lips go away.Haha. If you have brains, at least you will be smart enough to take care of yourself later on in life and whatnot.

Favorite book: " Walk to Remember"or "eft Behind"
Favorite movie: A Walk to Remember, Spiderman 2, LOTR, Pirates of the Carribean...
Favorite song: Konstantine by Something Corporate
Favorite quote or lyric: 'a walking open wound, a trophy display of bruises, and I dont beleive that Im getting any better' orrrr 'I want you to want me, I need you to need me, Id love you to love me, Im begging you to beg me'
Favorite inanimate object: My teddy bear, Logan. Haha, had him forever
Favorite Cartoon Character: Any Care Bear at all, Im obsessed.

Who is the most beautiful person you've ever seen, living or dead?: Tyra Banks, I think she's just gorgeous!
Tell us something odd about yourself : I'm my own aunt!!
What do you like about yourself?: I like how I can make anything interesting for myself, and don't find too many things boring, as long as Im with people.
How are you Unperfect? I am far from having the 'perfect' body, and I am moody.
If you had a choice between being completely alone in the world, but having an endless supply of money or being pennyless but being surronded by love, which would you choose? DEFINATELY pennyless and being surrounded by love. I love love. I love my friends, and those who love me. I couldn't live without it, or them, I would seriously die of depression.
Why do you want to be in this community? You guys seem cool, an I like the banner thing, and I like rating communities.

Where did you promote this community? Into my LJ so my friends can see and join, and then into .... so her friends can see and join. If I did that wrong please tell me, I usually messup the promoting.

Yay for being happy!

Im on the left.

I like this one.

2nd one is NOT photoshopped, others are, cause I like messing around with coloring.
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